Save the Children

The International Arbitration Charity Ball supports the work of Save the Children's Emergency Fund through funds raised on the night.

Mohammed, seven months, after being treated for malnourished at a Save the Children clinic
Photo credit: Amerti Lemma/Save the Children

Wherever disaster strikes, we're there - saving lives. Our teams do whatever it takes to reach children.

Save the Children works in 120 countries. They save children's lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfill their potential. Without the generous support of the International Arbitration Ball Committee, guests and sponsors, Save the Children would not be able to reach those most in need and help them in their darkest hour.

Since launching the Emergency Fund in 2006, the humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically. Crises are more frequent, last longer and affect more people. There are now twice as many natural disasters as there were 20 years ago. Last year alone, almost 100 million people were caught up in disasters such as earthquakes and flooding. Climate change is an increasingly dangerous catalyst for natural disasters, risking millions of children's lives every year. On top of that, conflicts are lasting longer than ever before. And even when they stop, they're more likely to recur.

Money raised to date has enabled Save the Children to respond to Emergencies across the world. In 2017 alone there have been over 60 emergencies including the East Africa Food Crisis, Syria Crisis, Iraq Crisis, Yemen Crisis, and Nigeria Food Crisis. The Emergency Health Unit allows Save the Children to deploy world-class health professionals to an injured child's side within 72 hours.

THANK YOU for your continued support of the International Arbitration Ball.